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Experience, modernity, passion - hiSchool - Foreign Language Centre

EXPERIENCE -our school has existed in the market for over 12 years. We have managed to teach hundreds of students and prepare them for various exams, and many of them had significant linguistic achievements after finishing our School.

1. Interactive whiteboards making use of HD technology, so that the knowledge is acquired even more quickly by means of visual memory.
2. The sound of the highest quality in professional headsets for every student, so that they can learn the proper pronunciation and accent with even more ease.
3. State-of-the-art programming, using the most reliable techniques adapted properly to particular groups.
4. Modern classrooms adapted to the needs of every age group.
5. E-LEARNING - from this year on our school will start using e-learning as a didactic aid, including for such things as homework. Thus, the precious time during the lesson will be spent even better.

PROFESSIONALISM AND PASSION - What’s most important is proper staff. All our teachers are professionals – we don’t hire students. All our teachers completed language studies and pedagogical education, and they have rich experience in working with the given age group. Above all, from the very beginning we were looking for people who love their work and that is how this enthusiasm becomes contagious to the students, who find it even easier to enjoy language achievements.

With our help you will reach the Everest of your abilities. Whatever your age or language level, in our school you will feel free and you won’t even notice when you reached your highest level.

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